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It’s pronounced Kim Yuh-Na or Kim Yeon-ah not Yoo-Na

kim yuna

kim yuna

Korea’s incredibly proud of it’s figure skating champion which many forms of media have spelled her name “Kim Yu-Na” or “Kim Yu Na.”  However, as it would be phonetically pronounced when reading the name from the west, people are calling her “Yoo-Na” which I think she’s probably gotten used to by now.

Her name in Hangul is “김연아” which if you want to be more accurate in pronouncing her name correctly, her name is pronounced “Kim Yeon-Ah” as the characters are spelled out.

However, this has been an age old problem with Korean people pronouncing words in English and for English speakers to pronounce Korean names spelled in English, but are Korean.  For example, the surname “Cheh” or “Chae” is spelled “Choi” instead because the Korean characters which make up the last name actually are combined to sound like “Choi” if you separate the characteres “ㅗ” and “ㅣ” which represent the sounds “Oh” and “Ee.”   Continue reading

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(Male) Koreans dominate the U.S. Amateur Two Years Straight setting another record!

Byeong Hun An - US Amateur Champion

Byeong Hun An - US Amateur Champion

Last year, it was Korean Kiwi Danny Lee who broke Tiger Wood’s 14 year record of being the youngest golfer to win the United States Amateur Golf Championship. This year, An Byung-Hun (also spelled Byeong-Hun An) decided 18 years and one month was too old for the prestigious event which has bred professionals Phil Mickelson, Justin Leonard and recent PGA winner Ryan Moore (from my hometown of Puyallup). High Schooler An was 17 years when beating Clemson University Senior Ben Martin 7 to 5. Continue reading

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Great weight loss and physical health tips from my roomate

workoutMy roomate Devin Nowroski gave some of the best advice to me the other day about working out, your food intake and not being misled about the misconception that running for example equals more energy or that you lose weight via traditional methods.  I’ve been running about 5-6 kilometers 2-3 times a week, but still feel my gut getting bigger or less “thinner.”  I do have to admit I’ve been reducing my stomach and back exercises a bit recently, but Devin’s advice still is some great stuff I don’t ever want to forget.

I pointed him to an article here on Time magazine which points out that exercise doesn’t necessarily mean that you lose weight.  The writer actually argues the contrary.

He replies:

“Thanks for sending the article. It was an interesting read. The author was not entirely inspiring though. I feel like the average person who reads it could be less inclined to exercise all together, which is not really ideal. The point they are trying to make is fine, and correct in my opinion, but not giving enough info to the reader. Stuff like that makes me angry. Continue reading


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ELPGA: The English Ladies Professionals Golf Association

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One of the most ridiculous rules & penalties will be implemented in the highest level of women’s golf in the world towards the end of 2009.  The LPGA will make it mandatory that all players speak & pass a test in English after 2 years of being in the LPGA.  From, “Players were told by LPGA commissioner Carolyn Bivens that by the end of 2009, all players who have been on the tour for two years must pass an oral evaluation of their English skills or face a membership suspension. A written explanation of the policy was not given to players, according to the report.”  Continue reading


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Incredibly vivid and amazing photos from the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics

…was searching for video footage of the Beijing Summer Olympics that took place this past Friday.  However, my search has been somewhat fruitless.  It looks like there was little recorded off of t.v. or the videos haven’t floated to the top yet of search engines.  One very interesting discovery though were these images collected on Boston.comfrom the ceremonies.  These images are spectacular.  I’ve only provided 6 of them here.  For more, go to the site here.

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Just short of 600 views…

Like I said “porcupines,” “Korean women” and many others like “how to say hello (or thank you) in Korean” are dominating the traffic on the blog these days.  For a snippet of the rest of the popular posts, check out the following WordPress stats for The Real “South” Korea: Continue reading


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(K/Gyopo) Korean American In-Bee Park wins the U.S. Open

Gyopo In-Bee Park wins the U.S. Open

“Korean teenager Park In-bee holds the U.S. Women’s Open championship trophy after finishing at 9-under for a four shot victory. At 19, she is the youngest ever champion of the U.S. Women’s Open.”

I watched this Gyopo girl when she was in her teens dominating the Jr. circuit.  She now has achieved greatness already at 19 years of age.  Korean Americans and Koreans have been dominating the professional womens’ tour for quite some time and In-Bee Park adds to the list of winners. Continue reading

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The legend Tiger Woods quits golfing — at least in 2008

My golf season is over … along with Tiger Wood’s 2008 season

Actually, I never had a season.  I haven’t even lifted a club for 2+ years, but I feel like my golfing season is over…

Seriously, I just wrote a post about how I watch golf periodically & when I do, it’s rarely interesting unless Tiger Woods is in contention.  However, I just read an article today identifying the legend will miss the rest of 2008 to knee surgery hopefully fixing a torn ligament in his leg.  In the recent U.S. Open golf tournament on his way to winning it in 91 holes, he was seen grimacing and in pain for many parts of the tournament.  It’s now apparent why he was in so much agony during the win. Continue reading

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Rooting against the underdog…

I don’t play much at all these days — especially since it’s too expensive here in Korea. However, I used to play more golf than I would spend time doing most things during the day.

The world of professional golf is an interesting one to say the least — at least to people like me. The most familiar name in and outside of golf is Tiger Woods. He’s dominated the sport unlike any other. He is literally the epitome of what the ultimate athlete could be for any sport. Continue reading

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More support for my theory that there is TOO MUCH EXERTION on the body

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I have this little theory that running 20+ miles or even as little as 10+ is a bit too much on the body.  While I think what people do with marathons is amazing, I sometimes wonder if it’s something that pushes our bodies way too hard.  A story on top of several others I’ve read over the years makes me wonder:

Wisconsin man dies after marathon Sun Mar 2, 10:00 PM ET – originally here:

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – A 27-year-old Wisconsin man collapsed and died Sunday after completing the Little Rock Marathon. Continue reading

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I guess the drinking is starting to permeate into the broadcast industry (here in Korea)

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Drunk Announcer Quits Sports News


By Kim Rahn
Staff Reporter

A famous MBC TV announcer quit hosting the sports news in the wake of making on air gaffes while under the influence of alcohol. Continue reading

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3 Koreans in the top 20 of the World in Golf thus far…might be temporary, but…

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Forgive the temporary nationalistic pride, but I get excited when I see Koreans do well in Athletics. Especially in golf where we had only one player who truly competed regularly (KJ Choi) with the top in the world.

#2 K.J. Choi – $1,021,500

#10 Anthony Kim – $295,800

#16 Kevin Na – $219,143 — you know why this guy’s probably my favorite, eh?

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10 Surprises of (South) Korea (1950-2007)

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From: originally

The Korea Times, the nation’s first English daily, turned 57 on Nov. 1, 2007. The TOP 10 Series will feature the biggest news stories, scandals, events, figures, surprises and memorable moments in the coming weeks, in celebration of the anniversary. The series will allow our readers to revisit these moments of the past. Current and former staff members of the oldest English daily selected the Top 10s through internal meetings, online surveys and advice from outside experts. If you have differing opinions, let us know by email (

Korean War (1950-53)


The Korean War broke out on June 25, 1950, when North Korean troops invaded South Korea, crossing the 38th parallel, the line dividing the two Koreas. Continue reading

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Ali G getting respect from Kobe Bryant…

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O.K., maybe not…

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More support for my thoughts that A-Rod is an idiot…

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