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Studying for the AP exams for free? From Korea? Top 5 study tips

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A past student of mine asked for some help studying for his AP Exams: Economics, Psychology and World History. Being here in Korea, he doesn’t have lots of texts he can buy at the local bookstore or at & get it a few days later. Korea also doesn’t have a lot of American texts and the accessibility is pretty sad to be frank. So, I thought up as many solutions he could take advantage of via the Internet and emailed him away.

I thought since he’s probably not the only one studying for the exams abroad, perhaps my tips might be useful to some kid in Ghana or in Fukuoka, Japan. It wouldn’t hurt I thought given there are 37 AP Exams on 22 subject areas and many standardized tests like it that many countries use as Academic standards to gain entrance into the top institutions. So, here they are:

1. Downloading Torrents (I reminded him that this is illegal & that he needs to do it with his parent’s permission & with caution; it was for educational purposes though and so I felt o.k with sharing this resource for now)

  • First you need to download the application at
  • A good site that many find texts on in .pdf format is
  • He wasn’t familiar with how to do it and so I told him basically you have to “type in “[thing you’re looking for] torrents” into google or‘s search” Continue reading


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