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World’s richest man shares thoughts…

William Henry Gates III better known as “Bill Gates” is the world’s richest man (at least for now) according to Fortune Magazine.  Many people are fascinated about the man who’s accrued more wealth than anyone else for most of the years Fortune has compiled their list for the past 20 or so years.  I’ll admit I also wonder what the richest person in the world thinks and wonder if what he says and thinks that may inspire me to do the same.

So, where can we find these profound thoughts?  He wrote “The Road Ahead” in 1995.  So, here’s the first chance beyond his emails and communication to his coworkers and friends that the public could read about what he was thinking.  He followed up in 1999 with “Business @ the Speed of Thought. ”  Of course Gates is profiled in the media quite often, but since that’s unpredictable when he’ll be quoted, there’s a few other ways to follow this very successful individual. Continue reading

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Similar to……so I’ve been wanting to do something very similar to Bill Gross for a long time.  I don’t know who came first, him or me, but what I do know is he’s done something about it.  I remember reading an article about the first company he started which generated several hundred millions of dollars of capital and probably was a major reason why exists today.  I check on his company from time to time, but I do know I want to do something similar.

It’s also the basis for Synthesis originally. I was seeking out alternative solutions to solve the worlds’ problems. Right now, I’m blogging Synthesis on since was unavailable. Maybe I should just create another blog with the word synthesis in it? I just looked up synonyms & created Interfusion instead. Looks like ttp:// is already taken by someone. Anyway, it’s my lifelong dream…

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