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Busan lights up the air over Gwangali in the 2009 Fireworks Festival

busan fireworks5A beautiful gallery of photos of the 2009 Busan (Gwangali) Fireworks festival is here on

Sometimes the city is spelled “Pusan” with a “P” and so if you want to look up more photos, video and other details about the Busan (aka Pusan) Fireworks Festival, you may need to type in “Pusan” with a “p,” just fyi.  Nevertheless, this show was one of the most AMAZING shows you’ll ever get to witness.  They did it up quite well here in Busan and it seems to get better each year.

Following are some great photos taken by John Bernardi and also a link to the actual show on Youtube.  It was impressive… Continue reading

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Big Bang’s Latest and a bit catchy if I can say so…

At first, I had a hard time finding this Big Bang song/video. It’s their newest release. I guess it was just released at the end of October on the 28th. The reason I had a hard time was because it’s in Japanese. Unfortunately, we’re not allowed to play it on our radio station…so I guess I’ll have to enjoy it here.

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Do not do this at home or anywhere for that matter… (on your motorcycle)

This is why I am trying to be careful and you won’t see me doing wheelies:

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I almost pee’d my pants the first time watching this…

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This was enjoyable to watch a long time ago…

It almost makes me want to download “Scent of a Woman” and watch it again:

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OK, I think I’m in love…

Cute Kim Eun Jung

Cute Kim Eun Jung

Just kidding, but when people ask me who I think is attractive in Korea (when they’re referring to celebrities), I think of Lee Hyori or (Jung) Ryeo-won or maybe even Shin Mina. I know there’s a lot of gals in all the girl bands that may be attractive, but honestly, I don’t have much time to think about it.

However, someone asked recently to identify the pictures in some of the popular pics on my blog which I didn’t label. In particular, this post had a picture in it that didn’t have it labeled.  Well, I found out the two gals in the picture turned out to be two gals from the old  Korean pop girl band Jewelry which I think one of the two girls left (Suh In-young).  The other one in the photo which I just learned is named Kim Eun Jung I’m thinking is quite attractive. Continue reading


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This summer’s sleeper (in Korea)



The summer’s been littered with box office hits here in South Korea like Haeundae and Transformers (from the states).  GI Joe starring Lee Byung-hun as well is up there in the charts with Harry Potter making it’s usual splash on the cinema front.  However, a movie that’s been creeping up a bit and I’m thinking is going to be this summer’s sleeper, if not 2009’s is “Gukga daepyo” (국가대표) or in English, it’s been translated as ” State Representative” (literal translation), “Take Off”, which describes a bit about what the guy does in the movie or “National Team” being what he’s doing it all for.

국가대표 is based on a real story and one of ski jumpers in the movie named 강칠구 is a real national team ski jumper.  Interestingly enough, Mr. 강 received the bronze medal from K-95, one of the international ski jump games held in German on the 15th of August (this past Saturday).

**What’s a sleeper?  Answer’s up next… Continue reading

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One of the best Groom & Bride speeches I’ve heard

…o.k. it’s the only Bride & Groom speech I’ve heard (I believe) like this, but I recommend everyone who’s as entertaining as my friends Derek and Bonnie to have one at their wedding. These guys rock!

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I love this movie…

A_Moment_to_Remember_PosterI shared “A Moment to Remember” with a past coworker recently.  I remembered how much it made me tear up.

This morning, I woke up a bit early and it’s hard to get things done before 10a here in Korea.  So, I decided to rewatch it.  I’ve seen it a few times now, but it still lets me tear up quite easily.  The last clips in this Youtube playlist really make you want to grab some tissues.

It’s funny how direct translation of a title into English can be though.  The Korean title in English means, “In my head, there’s an eraser.”  The leads in the movie are both appealing characters.  You literally fall in love with both of them.  One quote in the movie I think is amazing to hear is “You’re a great husband.”  The male star really does epitomize what a husband should do in such a situation.   Continue reading

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Talk about sh*t hitting the fan…

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Is it me?  Or did I just land in the country most well known for “drama?”  

Just visited my great friend Derek at his wedding in Hawaii with the beautiful bride Bonnie and great friends.  It was seriously a beautiful wedding. Here’s the couple dancing to “Bella’s Lullaby” played by you would think a professional piano player, but rather by their niece “Rachel” who is AMAAAAAAAAZZZZZZZZZING!!!! (think of Will Ferrell yelling this like he did at the Harvard Commencement speech).

Continue reading

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Wouldn’t it be nice if you could…

Find someone in this world you love so much, you would do this for…

Not saying I wish to give my eyes to someone, but just to find someone you love that much…would be nice.

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A little upbeat dance music to give you a little energy…

I’ve created this little playlist off of Youtube that’s definitely keeping me upbeat when I’m listening. It’s a mix between Korean Kpop and other dance music with a few other random videos.

One of the videos off this playlist is Wheesung’s Insomnia. This tune’s a bit catchy…

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What Eight Academy Awards can do for your website traffic…

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slumdog-millionaire-wins-awardsSlumdog Millionaire just won 8 Academy awards on Sunday night.  So, the world was all of a sudden VERY CURIOUS about the movie that dominated the awards show.  As a result, my slum-blog thousand-air was pummeled on the same night.  At 1:05a on the night after the awards show, the daily views on my blog shot up to it’s highest point in a while:


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Enjoying smoking…I mean watching “Weeds” (& “Bear hunt) these days…

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weedsThe language, the offbeat content and quotes like this:

“…we’re going to be a family if I have to kill all of you!” by the lead character “Nancy Botwin”  or “Shane goes on a paint rampage.  Get’s suspended.  Two of you ditch school to fuck in my guestroom,” after accidentally walking in on her son & dysfunctional gf are why I’m watching seasons 1 through 4  when I can.  The first episode of Weeds previews enough good stuff including the walking in on her teenage son, blunt racist sarcasm, adultery,  homosexuality and of course the drug dealing perfect suburbia mom who knows how to wield the “f” word better than most gangsters.

My life these days in a sentence: Work, my boys/family, emails, SEO Testing/Experimenting, Facebook, OCW classes when I can, Weeds & a periodic flick or two here and there.

Pretty sad, eh?

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因爱累了Koo Hye Sun stars in Pure in Heart

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Pure in Heart

Pure in Heart

A cute little Korean drama from 2006 had 167 episodes.  It’s a South Korean television drama/romantic comedy broadcast by KBS from 2006 to early 2007. The drama won many awards at 2006 KBS Drama Acting Awards. Koo plays a young “village girl” from Yanbian, China who goes to Korea to get married, but her husband-to-be died when she was about to marry him. The drama talks about how she managed to pass through all the sufferings and eventually find true love.

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