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Be found on the Internet

Seattle Organic SEOI’ll be updating the blog a bit more blogging about Korea’s rise in recent years in entertainment, business and education.  Simultaneously, I still help busineses of all size with Search Engine Optimization in Seattle and throughout the world.  


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Tags which wreak havoc on WordPress templates

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broken image

broken image

I think I finally figured it out. I’ve already found that copying content/text from Microsoft Word into posts here into this WordPress blog do create a design problem. Other documents sometimes copied into WordPress seem to make these templates break down as well. However, I think today (thanks to Matt Strum, btw for telling me the new template was looking funny), I think I figured it out.

Here are some snap shot of a working blog where the posts are fine in the middle and on the left.  On the right hand side, there is a sidebar with many different widgets that are properly ordered and placed on the right hand side. Continue reading


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Just short of 600 views…

Like I said “porcupines,” “Korean women” and many others like “how to say hello (or thank you) in Korean” are dominating the traffic on the blog these days.  For a snippet of the rest of the popular posts, check out the following WordPress stats for The Real “South” Korea: Continue reading


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More proof why Google will continue to dominate…

Competitions for Business Plans or other events like Science competitions that supposedly try to make it fun for people basically to compete & win something actually have some other intent behind these that the competitors sometimes don’t know about.  The VC’s and Angel Investors who want to find fresh business plans like to see what floats to the top.  Science focused or other Corporations who need the scientists will sponsor the science competitions in hopes of finding their future producers for their companies.  And Google is no exception — they really know how to play in this arena. Continue reading

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Not having many tools to measure traffic online for free, I use the web’s default tool now getting a little competition from a couple other tools: and — the former being a little better funded & possibly a little more reliable.

However, for the past 2 years when trying to access the site, I get a broken site to any browser I’ve used to try to get the data.  Basically, it looks like the .css (cascading style sheet) can’t be accessed for some reason on this side of the Pacific and the website just looks like garbage.  I decided to post about it (this may be redundate though because I know I’ve been annoyed by this more than once before) since I just noticed that Forrester Research initially had the same problem.  It then resolved the second time I tried to access the site. on the other hand has NEVER resolved properly over the past two years here.

I’m thinking they don’t care…not enough money to care.

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Blogging a mile a minute…

 Well, just a few months ago, I was envious of my friend Diana’s blog.  Great pics, good writing & just entertaining.  I was hoping to create something like that for updates to my friends.  Well, I started with Xanga and struggled to put up anything interesting…and then my friend Glenda who not only works for one of the authorities in Blogging (Technorati), but is dating the top guy in one of the most used Blogging sites out there tells me to convert over to  I think nothing of it, but try it out. 

It’s like a drug…after I take one pill, I want another and another and then another.  Right now, I’m up to about 9 blogs…of which, 8 are actually somewhat marketable or may have an audience eventually.  Let me introduce them…

This one, of course is sort of a summary of all the things going on with my life when I feel like I can write them.  Some people enjoy it & others think it sounds like just a personal journal for me.  Well, I’ll try to spice it up, but honestly, life isn’t too spicy right now…or rather, I can’t divulge everything, can I?  Maybe I’ll create a blog for that one…divulging ABSOLUTELY everything that’s going on in my life. 

The next one was a project that I needed to create for work.  Our company was lacking an online presence specific to our 5 Academies & local company & so I took it on as a personal project.  I also wanted to prove to myself I could recreate the success I did in 2005-2006 with  (now retired temporarily) My site for the 1 year I did real estate proved to help support me in becoming the 2nd highest producer in my office in one of the richest cities in the U.S.  I did it through a little research and effort in search engine marketing.  After 6 months, I was getting random visitors asking me about almost anything about real estate in the Seattle region & had several hundred websites linked to me.  I had no team of marketing professionals helping me & had no one assisting except for me, myself & I.

Well, after a few weeks of effort, I’ve already gotten the blog in the search path of many.  It’s already on the first page of Google results when people type in either “cdi busan”, “cdi south” or “chung dahm”/”chung dahm institute” which it wasn’t just a few weeks before that.

I moved onto a personal interest of mine, but haven’t been able to develop it much since I started it, but then was started.  It’s an effort to hopefully at some time in life create a full fledged site that has literally all the top ten items or places or things in almost any category.  I want it to be as large as Yahoo or Google except that everytime you type something, you get INCREDIBLY HIGH QUALITY results & get literally the JD Powers version of everything that’s been tested or very much supported.  The goal here is to have things available for people when they are interested in anything & wanting to find the best of the best when they are looking for it.  We don’t have a lot of time in life to research every single website or go to every single store that has a produce or visit every company that offers a service.  We need that research done & ready for us when we are thinking about almost anything.

After this, I noticed that the FTA agreement with the US and Korea was agreed upon & realized there’s going to be a buttload of things promoting and informing people about the trade between Korea and the US.  It’s actually an interest of mine to some day start an import/export business & this gives me not only a chance to see it on a macro level, but also provide people outside Korea an idea of how to trade with people in this country. may be very influential in the future.  I’m starting it at a very timely hour. 

A lifelong dream of mine has been to create a foundation called the “Synthesis Foundation”.  The goal of it was to solve the worlds’ problems by researching, experimenting and supporting “alternative choices” and “options” to how things work today.  Instead of an 8 hour work day, 5 days a week, I was thinking of possibly supporting a different work week for employees like 4 days for 16 hours and 3 days off…or let people work strictly from home with incentives for performance.  Other ideas included making people exercise during work hours at least 3 days a week to keep them healthy & potentially bonding in those activities.  There are consistent conflicts in the Middle East and elsewhere in the world.  Perhaps alternative methods of dialogue or action may solve those problems as well.  As Al Gore would tell us, we have a HUGE problem facing us with the warming of the globe & it seems very few people have enough time in their daily lives to worry about it.  We may need “alternative ways” of educating people on issues like this or also “alternative ways” in solving it regardless. 

The reason why it would be called “Synthesis Foundation” is because there are so many different ways of doing things in life, but very few are cross pollineated or mixed.  However, I have seen some of the most beautiful and intelligent people come from two different ethnicities.  Also, some cultures have benefited from dealing with situations more effectively in one manner while others have in other arenas.  Letting some of those great ideas get shared in other countries may truly help the world become a better place.  When I tried to register the domain, I failed to get it.  So, I looked for alternatives and got one that’s close:

Two other blogs I’m focusing also that is germane to my work are: and  Both have different purposes.  The Hagwon website actually helps people understand more about the business and field I’ve been working at and doing well in for several of my working years in this past decade.  I feel like almost an expert here & want to share as much as I can.  The Living in Korea blog also is something I’m becoming more of an authority on.  I am hoping to share my knowledge here as well. 

I’m sure there were be more to come & I sincerely hope I can work on all of them equally and with due care.  Regardless, THANK YOU MATT for creating and giving me the ability to finally put things I’ve been wanting to for a long time via a great tool that you created.  And I thank you Glenda for introducing me to this great tool.  U Da Best! 

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