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What’s a “bellend?” The annoying devil uses it a bit…

A friend posted this youtube clip of what it appears comes from a show (?) called the “Balls of Steel” from the UK. A guess there’s a series called “The annoying devil” (clip provided below). The devil keeps on calling people a “bellend.” Well, you can tell it’s not a complement, but what I found searching google didn’t really help that much either. It says it’s the alternative spelling to “bell-end.” Bell-end can mean either “The glans penis” or “A stupid or contemptible person.” You only need to read the synonyms to figure out the real meaning though (dickhead, cockhead or knobhead). This blog’s popular for teaching non Koreans Hangul. Well, I guess today, I’m teaching Koreans or non English speakers some “interesting” English if I can call it that.

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