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Busan News for Wednesday, March 3rd, 2010

Plans to Enhance Gaming Industry in Busan

The city of Busan is coming up with a plan to boost the gaming industry.
The plan is aimed at building a “2020 game industry center city” that will generate 1 trillion won in sales.
It contains initiatives to attract major domestic players and global research and development teams as well as ramp up local game businesses to the status of a major complex with an investment of 420 billion won.
In particular, the “Busan Culture Contents Complex,” which is being built in Centum City, will be the center for development and integration for the local gaming industry.
The city is also considering plans to draw in a branch center to develop game contents and solutions and create models for the game industry and the global industry of cooperation.
In addition, the successful international game fair, “G-Star,” will be held regularly and an international game machine certification center for exporting arcade games will be launched at Dongseo University. Continue reading

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