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Busan News for Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010

Busan Mayor Huh Nam Sik

Busan Mayor Huh Nam Sik

Dredging up the Nakdong River

The project to dredge the Nakdong river has hit a snag because of the clay composition of the soil at the site.
According to the city of Busan, results from a geological survey showed that 10 of 13 samples take from a 3.8 kilometer section of the surface layer turned out to be clay.
Clay was also discovered in another 3 samples take from depths below 9 meters.
This is a problem because the dredged soil cannot be moved to the Meongji International Business City because of its weak foundation.

If the soil has to be used elsewhere, transportation costs would soar, putting the company in increased financial hardship. Continue reading

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