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Busan News for Thursday, February 25th, 2010

busan education

busan education

Private Education Expenses in Busan

A report shows that Busan ranks lowest among 7 special and metropolitan cities according to average private education costs and student participation rates.
According to a survey on private education expenses conducted in 2009 by the National Statistical Office and the Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology, families in Busan were paying a monthly average of 203 thousand won per  student.
The average rate of participation was 72.4%. In Ulsan, average tuition rates were slightly higher, at 234 thousand won per month, along with participation rates which topped 75%.
The national average for private education costs was 242 thousand won per student, up nearly 4% compared to the year before.
The entire country spent 21 trillion 600 billion won on private education last year, a 3.4% increase compared to 2008. Continue reading

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