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Korean media in English

There are a number of blogs out there including mine here that write all about Korea, but what exists when it comes to actual Korean media that is either translated in English or is produced in English to help foreigners learn more about the “land of the morning calm?”

Well, it used to be mainly just the newspapers, The Korea Herald, JoongAng Ilbo (i.e., JoonAng Daily), and the Korea Times.  The AP of Korea, Yonhap News also provides their content in English as well here, but it seems that not all their content is fully translated into English.  Over time, the Chosun Ilbo (or Daily) has converted a bunch of their content here into English.

One of Korea’s leading TV & Radio networks, Korean Broadcasting System (aka KBS) appears to have recently translated a lot of their content here in English.  They have also translated their content in Chinese & Japanese as well. KBS World Radio also is translated in English.  KBS World TV as well is available in English.  It’s the inspiration behind today’s post since I had a bit of difficulty in the past obtaining English information about dramas or other TV content on the other major networks MBCSBS, & EBS.

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Paying 3 times as much as I would at the newspaper stands…are you kidding me?

I usually pick up a copy of the Korea Herald when I feel like reading something in English and something offline on the way to work.  The orange-pinkish colored newspaper has a phone number for the subscriptions department at the Korea Herald: 1588-0533.  It takes me like 3 months to finally call, but today, when I do, first problem (as identified in previous posts about services or products in Korea needing more English support) is that the message is in Korean.  HUH?  What?  This is an English newspaper’s subscription department in Korean…this is wrong.  Finally, when I do speak to the lady on the other end, she can barely understand me. Continue reading

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