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Too much computer access in South Korea?

So, in the middle of the country where it’s hard to find convenient transportation minus relatively expensive tax fare, I can find internet access anywhere.  At the hotel yesterday we stayed at, there were 7 computer terminals with T1 or better access.  Today, we just checked into a hotel where if you pay $10 more for a night, you get a room with a PC and internet access for free.  Again, I’m thinking it’s T1 or better access…

Plus, before we found this place, we had a rough time finding where Continue reading

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After staying one night in Kangwon land

I have to admit, I’m a bit impressed..

Despite the crazy start to the holiday (in the last post), the hotel that we’re staying at is impressive.  It’s not the main hotel here near the casino, but a little ways away.  I think it’s managed by the same company, but haven’t checked into it.  It would rival many 4 star hotels and some 5 star hotels that honestly shouldn’t be in that category.  I would personally give it 4 stars because to be at 5 stars you can’t do anything wrong. Continue reading

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