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Maintenance records for my Suzuki Impulse

Moto Morini Corsaro 1200 Veloce  07  1Just doing my regular update of  what I am doing to keep my motorcycle “in tip top shape.”  I was hearing a bit of noise in the back tire area and my friend Harry told me it’s a chain issue – probably the chain being either too loose or needing a bit of oil.

22,702 KM’s on the odometer

So, my roomate’s trusty motorcycle guy did it as cheap as it gets with Castrol Oil – oh, I forgot, I probably needed an oil change at this point.  It only cost me 30,000 won.  It looks like I haven’t done an oil change for over 2 and a half months.  I’ve been riding it pretty regularly.  The guy said it was REALLY due a new oil change.

The bike felt totally different after I picked it up.

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More motorcycle issues (possibly resolved?)

This is honestly just for my own record keeping, but after visiting a local bike shop near Pusan National University, the shop owner told me that the regulator was the problem. He even said he’ll bet on it and will give it to me for free for now & if it helps start the engine consistently for more than the 2 weeks maximum the starter seemed to work without a battery recharge that I go and pay only and only if it works beyond 2 weeks. So far, so good…but it’s only been 2 or so days. Continue reading

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What a month it’s been (with the Suzuki Impulse)!

Bought the following motorcycle on the 12th of April. http://www.suzukicycles.org/GSX-series/GSX400-Impulse.shtml – RED 1994 Model. I’ve had a few problems, but all worth the education it’s taught me.

Right after buying it from this nice South African guy named Keren, I had starter problems. We thought it might be the extra flashing blue lights strung up the back of the bike — maybe sucking a bit of the battery before start up. So, I took those off.

This was after I bought a brand new battery from this guy named “Joon” that was instrumental in helping me get the bike. He thought it was in good shape and at the time, I had nobody who knew a lot about motorcycles except Dan (one of our Busanjin teachers) and fellow Kyopo. Dan introduced me to Joon who’s a buddy of Dan’s. Supposedly though the battery’s a cheap one according to a new bike shop I’ve been using. The new bike shop said the 40,000 won or so I paid to get this battery was on the cheap end and that I needed to buy a 60,000 won battery or so. I could believe him because he said I didn’t need to buy the better one yet since I should use this poor battery first.

All in all, in the month plus I’ve owned the bike (after purchasing it on 4/12), I’ve:

  • filled up the bike at least 12 times with gas (totaling about 175,000 won in gas)
  • bought a brand new “cheaper battery” for 40,000 won
  • pushed the 400 lb bike long distances because of the battery problem (3 kilometers & 5 kilometers up a hill – almost killed me)
  • replaced the clutch twice: once at 30,000 won (actually paid 50,000 won because I was so grateful), but then realized I could get a smaller bike shop guy to do it 10,000 won who also recharged the battery to top it off
  • got a VERY EXPENSIVE oil change (100,000 won!) around 5/8 with expensive french racing oil
  • replaced the 4 spark plugs (5/15) for 40,000 won – I guess this is cheap & again, he recharged the battery
  • dropped it 4 X’s (once because a taxi driver almost killed me)
  • probably set up myself for a hernia shortly given that I kept it from dropping a 5th time 
  • been pulled over or questioned by police 3X’s PLUS almost getting fined 1.5 million for not having a license and registration
  • rode to 기장, 해운대 (5X’s), 노포동, 서면 (7X’s) with the Suzuki
  • I guess we’ll have to see what happens for the rest of the year with this decision. I’ve started to look into “what the next bike” may be and some of the candidates are:

  • 1996 Honda NTV 650 (55 mpg)
  • 2007 Aprilla RSV 1000 FactoryR
  • 2009 Triumph Thruxton
  • **By the way, the purpose of this post is mostly to help me keep track of what I’ve done on it for maintenance and the costs involved (in case any of you are interested in the costs of motorbike upkeep)

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