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Busan News for Friday, February 26th, 2010

Busan Birthrate

Busan still ranks last among the 16 cities or provinces in the country according to birthrate, even through the city has made a strong push to encourage its citizens to have more children.
According to last year’s birthrate statistics from the National Statistical Office Busan remained at the bottom for the 13th consecutive year.
The total fertility rate for Busan, which is the average number of children one women has during her lifetime, was just .94, well below the nation’s average of 1.15.
There were only 25 thousand children born in Busan last year, down 5.7% compared to 2008. It is the second year in a row the number has gone down.
Studies show that many young couples from Busan are moving to other regions including Gyeongnam in search of better jobs.
In the meantime, the average birthrate and total number of babies dropped across the country while the average age for giving birth rose slightly to 31. Continue reading

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