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Proud of myself…

physical abuse

physical abuse

It’s not often you can boast about being proud of what you do.  Lately, I feel like I am definitely maturing and being less afraid of saying what “should be said.”  At times, you back down since you know conflict is not going to help a situation get better.  In other times, you know that conflict is necessary or that you must simply say what’s on your mind so that later more abuse or problems will fail to occur.  In the past month or so, I’ve been speaking my mind regardless of the outcome.  I think it through before doing so & in those times where I know conflict will result, I move forward…

The other night, we were at a dinner for one of the branches that we manage.  It’s our flagship branch since it’s the largest one in our 15 individual schools.  We went to a bar after dinner and sat around chatting for a bit.  In the middle of talking with my coworker Jason (who I think is a great guy, by the way), we notice an older man standing up and yelling at an older lady.  They are in their 40’s, I’m thinking or at least he is.  She’s possibly in her mid 30’s.  It’s hard to say. Continue reading


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