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The top posts on “Living & Working in Korea Guide in English” are:

All Time Posts (anything greater than 500 views)

(1) So, it seems…people on the ‘net are ad 11,524 More stats
(2) Interesting images series: don’t mess wi 10,727 More stats
(3) SEM Experiment: Are people online mostly 7,969 More stats
(4) Saying or writing “Thank You” in Korean 5,688 More stats
(5) Koreans are the sexiest dressers 5,262 More stats
(6) Sexy Korean Girls 1 5,121 More stats
(7) Saying or writing “hello” in Korean 4,564 More stats
(8) Teacher may be fired for naked punishmen 4,405 More stats
(9)What a little hoax on facebook can do fo 4,137 More stats
(10) choi-jin-shil-is-left-mother-of-2 2,786 More stats
10 Unique Korean Customs & Practices 2,498 More stats
sexy-korean-girls-3 2,458 More stats
Time’s Top 10 Scientific Discoveries (20 2,353 More stats
sexy-korean-girls-2 2,019 More stats
Using your gmail more effectively: 10 ti 1,859 More stats

More specifics behind the new immigratio 1,711 More stats
I love these lists: “10 worst cities for 1,654 More stats
a-little-revealing-for-a-regular-korean- 1,523 More stats
More silly forwards on the funwall in fa 1,452 More stats
suh-in-young-sexy-image-1 1,323 More stats
Interesting Korean words and phrases 1,194 More stats
Top English words translated into Korean 1,173 More stats
Mandatory Requirements of Criminal Backg 1,154 More stats
lee-hyo-ri 1,097 More stats
Saw this in one of my Facebook groups… 1,078 More stats
Some advice on getting cell phones in Ko 1,077 More stats
The blog equity just continues to rise w 1,062 More stats
“Texting” (a.k.a. text messaging) in Kor 991 More stats
Wondering why the “Wonder Girls” are so 949 More stats’s Customer Service Email Addr 939 More stats
suh-in-young-sexy-image-2 842 More stats
Korean boy band VOS’s video “Beautiful L 838 More stats
sexy-korean-girls-6 824 More stats
Opening Microsoft’s .docx (Word 2007), . 823 More stats
Some funny forward of an email that I us 789 More stats
These are the most stupid hoaxes… 784 More stats
Private tutoring is outrageous in South 769 More stats
Examples of the apostille notarization a 768 More stats
This article presents recent trends and 744 More stats
15,000 views in one month… 716 More stats
One of the most scenic places in Busan: 712 More stats
Time’s Top 10 Returning TV Series (2007) 712 More stats
suh-in-young-sexy-image-3-plus-inside-he 690 More stats
Time’s Top 10 Fiction Books (2007) 659 More stats
sexy-korean-girls-4 656 More stats
Top 10 Series from the Korea Times: Top 648 More stats
Free MIT MBA? Free Masters of Science i 643 More stats
Al Gore and Randy Pausch deliver at Carn 637 More stats
Two tools on Facebook NOT to use! 625 More stats
Time’s Top 10 Man-Made Disasters (2007) 601 More stats
No iPhone in Korea… 588 More stats
Seoul Schools May Hire Asian English Tea 575 More stats
A Korea Movie you’ll DEFINITELY remember 543 More stats
Attention all facebook members: Facebook 541 More stats
Some Foreigners Bash Korea Unjustly, Unf 536 More stats
Probably, the the best Commencement spee 528 More stats
About 514 More stats
Inspiration when you’re down: Randy Paus 510 More stats

All Time Clicks (anything greater than 100 clicks)

(1)… 1,446 More stats
(2)… 1,036 More stats
(3)… 848 More stats
(4)… 747 More stats
(5)… 598 More stats
(6)… 540 More stats
(7)… 479 More stats
(8)… 436 More stats
(9)… 364 More stats
(10)… 361 More stats… 264 More stats… 231 More stats… 220 More stats 197 More stats… 197 More stats… 191 More stats 190 More stats… 174 More stats… 173 More stats… 161 More stats 156 More stats… 152 More stats 146 More stats 138 More stats… 134 More stats 133 More stats 130 More stats 129 More stats… 128 More stats 126 More stats… 122 More stats 121 More stats… 116 More stats 115 More stats

**as of January 21, 2009

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