Who reads this?

Well, you do.  Duh!  🙂

Seriously, who does come to this blog and read this?  Fortunately, as a user of WordPress, statistics is a free feature of the website & probably one of the major reasons why so many use this site vs. others.  As a result, we regularly see what type of searches do bring many of you here.  These days, I should say what searches do people actually type in to “view this” instead of “read this” given the type of searches people type in to a search engine to find  this “Living & Working in Korea Guide in English.”

Here are the major searches which brings viewers/readers to this blog since the beginning in February 2007.  Like I’ve said probably a few times, I should change this to the Real Porcupine and Korean Girls/Women Blog!

All Time

Search Views
porcupine 8,405 More stats
korean girls 3,277 More stats
korean women 3,105 More stats
choi jin shil 2,729 More stats
thank you in korean 2,105 More stats
choi jin sil 1,640 More stats
hello in korean 1,557 More stats
korean 1,514 More stats
choi jin-shil 1,433 More stats
lee hyori 1,177 More stats
attention all facebook members. 1,079 More stats
korean customs 979 More stats
sexy 835 More stats
new scientific discoveries 765 More stats
funny kids 737 More stats
scientific discoveries 717 More stats
facebook overpopulated 609 More stats
korean hello 590 More stats
naked punishment 540 More stats
koreans 512 More stats
sexy korean 474 More stats
korean thank you 447 More stats
thomas beatie 442 More stats
wonder girls 441 More stats
thank you korean 408 More stats
embarassing 384 More stats
attention all facebook members 370 More stats
naked teacher 361 More stats
sexy korean women 350 More stats
killing fields 305 More stats
sexy korean girls 292 More stats
lee hyo ri 283 More stats
naked teachers 279 More stats
korean phrases 273 More stats
facebook is recently becoming very overp 243 More stats
girls 238 More stats
hello korean 237 More stats
facebook is recently becoming very overp 209 More stats
amazon email address 202 More stats
korean words 201 More stats
bronwyn mullen 200 More stats
unusual customs 192 More stats
chae jin shil 182 More stats
killing 179 More stats
south korean women 176 More stats
korean girl 169 More stats
choi jin young 165 More stats
hyori 163 More stats
thank you in korea 161 More stats
iphone in korea 160 More stats

*As of January 25, 2009

6 responses to “Who reads this?

  1. Reemo

    i really love hangul i wanna learn it


    reemo from k.s.a 🙂

  2. Kola

    KOOL I’m Korean, but what does this mean? I don’t get why you made the list.

  3. It just shows how most people come here…the list isn’t that significant, to be honest. Cheers…

  4. Mariam George

    Nice to read about Korea. I want to visit Korea but not sure if I want to live there. I love korean dramas.

  5. Hey,

    Could you get in touch with me, please? I’m interested in working together on a project. Let me know if you’re interested

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