A couple wikis that wouldn’t be bad to have implemented (if not done already)

So, I think we’re going to have many of these.  However, I was thinking that a couple that would be nice to have out there are:

  •  a book wiki — Amazon screwed up on this — getting information in an objective way on the internet…even Bezos admitted it in a recent article describing Wiki’s and the founder of the application.  Also, this wiki could replace basically all those “cliff notes” type of sites out there.
  • resumes wiki — how about putting Monster.com out of business?  What if we decided to just have a place where everyone placed their resumes for recruiters to look for & people to just do their best to publicize their own.  Then again, don’t we call this LinkedIn.com?  Maybe something less corporate would put LinkedIn.com out of business too?

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Filed under Entrepreneurship, Ideas for current companies, Undeveloped ideas

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